Things to do in London is a directory set up and operated by Things to Do In Ltd. Things to Do In Ltd started in a small seaside town called Clacton, and spread both nationally and recently internationally and is constantly growing and evolving unlike many directories.

Things to Do in London was built to cover London and the surrounding areas, and whilst the website itself is relatively new, it’s already being picked up for thousands of search terms in Google. 

Things to Do In Ltd operates on an individual basis unlike most directories, and has an approach with their microsite creation that is so tailor made for clients that several companies have used it solely to host their business online, rather than running their own websites, some of them running their entire business through Things to Do in directories for years.

This allows these companies to take full advantage of the directory’s on-site SEO and web structure, which allows recently formed companies who would otherwise struggle for a place in the rankings to start ranking highly under the terms they need in the London Area.

The way Things to Do In websites operate gives them not only powerful onsite SEO but offsite SEO as well. This means that anyone using them gets the benefit of the network of support from all the websites owned by Things to Do In Ltd, and also from all the sites we operate and run at Ramro Synergy, and several businesses we work with outside. All of this combined makes the service that Things To Do In Ltd provides for their customers more valuable than long standing directory companies Yell.

Yell, and most other directories out there provide their customers with inferior backlinks, and due to the domain authority of their website they begin to rank higher than their customers which knocks them down the search engines and makes Yell the main contact point for customers. As a marketer of many years, I think this is incredibly toxic and bad for business as anyone going through Yell to get to customers just adds to Yell’s dodgy analytics strategy. Yell has been a failing business for years and their customer sales tactics are reprehensible.

The microsite customers get with Things to Do in Ltd is tailor made for their business, and instead of looking awful as most directories will, the microsites are an attractive landing page that takes customers straight to the business, whilst giving them a great personalised experience. This means that a microsite built on a Things to Do in website is actually a valuable landing page wherein customers who come in through the advanced SEO, marketing and other sources can actually learn everything about the company on the site and contact them directly without having to jump through hoops. Running through a fast London based server means that UK customers will get a fast, efficiently loading webpage where they can immediately contact the companies they need to reach.

Things to do in London provides a high quality dofollow link to customer’s websites, dofollow links being much more valuable when it comes to a customer’s SEO, meaning that the domain authority of a customer’s website will be increased by the backlink, as they are recommendations from the Things to Do in websites.

This helps raise a customer’s website’s ranking, but also that even if the Things to Do in microsite outranks them, they are being outranked by a landing page that provides the relevant information specially designed for that company. As a digital marketer, I can think of few things more valuable, and this is one of the main reasons I decided I wanted to work with Things to Do in Directories.

For me, value is everything, and if a service that’s provided is exceptional, then this is a company I want to work with. When I started marketing for businesses, I used to stress out over getting clients. I didn’t care who I worked with as long as I got paid. Over time I learned that the best people to work for were the ones who knew how to look after customers, and when I saw the sheer scope of what Things to Do In had managed to achieve, I realised that this was a company I really wanted to work with.

Being on Things to Do In London allows you to have the competitive edge on anyone who isn’t on the platform, and getting ranked is a lot easier through their microsite and supportive backlink to your business. The directory websites are set up so they’re easy to crawl, meaning that most search engines will be crawling them far more regularly than websites that aren’t always updated, something which Google’s freshness algorithm penalises, and their site maps are updated on Google search console whenever new businesses are added. 

Their websites are also supported by our websites, increasing their domain authority and empowering their businesses, and they are constantly being updated as new businesses are added, ensuring that they will always rank highly on search engines.

To gain the full benefits of Things to Do in websites, you will have to pay a monthly charge, but at less than a bottle of coke per day, being on Things to Do is probably one of the best decisions a business owner can make.