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Ramro Synergy – Ramro Synergy is a company with a vision based around co-operation and co-evolution between companies.

DragonTech IT Services – DragonTech IT Services, Inc. is an IT Managed Services Provider. As such we not only utilize state of the art IT technology to help our customers, but we have unique technology developed for our own personal use, giving us the edge over many of our competitors. It is our aim to support and provide the highest quality in IT solutions bringing an exceptional level of professionalism to businesses in and around the Chattanooga, TN area.

Levy & Co Solicitors – Levy & Co are a criminal defense firm based in Essex. Levy & Co LLP has offices in Witham, Braintree, Benfleet, and Clacton, and specialise in supporting their clients in a wide variety of criminal defense claims. They have experience that ranges from representation of clients from police station to court, to dangerous dogs and military law.

Sect News – Sect News provides articles by all the groups involved with Ramro Synergy and other outside organizations.

Fantasoft – is the Digital Marketing side of Ramro Synergy. Providing everything a normal digital marketing company provides and more.

Chan Walrus –  A musician and film maker from the United Kingdom, Chan Walrus has worked on over 200 films and computer games.

coinKYC – coinKYC offer premium B2B-services made to boost any crypto project. Developed by a team of project owners and developers with knowledge and experience from both sides of the table.

Mema Token – With a variety of utility and features for both business and retail, powered by strong tokenomics, MeMa aims to become a high ranking cryptocurrency project.