Sect.News is a website dedicated to providing information on an increasing variety of topics. Originally created and brought together by a small team, it has been brought back and updated for speed and will now be updating several articles a day. We have acquired full ownership it in a bid to use it as part of our strategy for SEO integration which we will use to help our partners and customers. As one of the founding members, I have bought out the site in the hopes that it can be used in order to forge stronger connections online and provide us with an exceptional service we can offer to others! Even companies who don’t wish to become part of the Ramro Synergy Family can benefit from sending articles to us to be uploaded.

As part of our automation strategy, once 100 articles have been written on the website for any category, we will be creating automated systems and integrating them through Facebook, Meta and on websites like Twitter. We estimate that this will take several years to accomplish, however it can become a valuable asset in the long run.