Ramro Synergy has currently accomplished some of the first steps in moving forward and increasing our ability to expand our reach as a company.

We have formed a partnership with DragonTech IT Services INC in Chattanooga TN. DragonTech provide an exceptional service for customers, and we have worked with them for years previously before starting Ramro Synergy. To find out more about the services they will be providing you can read up on them in our recent blog, covering this in more detail: https://ramro.org/integration-with-dragontech-it-services-inc/ DragonTech provide many services globally, so you don’t need to be a part of our partnership to benefit from many of their services as they can help you – no matter where you are in the world with IT queries and assistance, web hosting, domain registration and much, much more!

Ramro Synergy also recently acquired the full ownership of Sect.News, which was originally partial ownership. We are going through a reshuffle of the direction we will take with the website soon, and will hopefully be hosting articles supplied by a variety of businesses all over the world. For more information – Please check out our blog on the subject: https://ramro.org/ramro-acquires-sect-news/

Currently we are in talks with Paul Nash of Things To Do In Limited, a powerful directory franchise. We are looking to work together for a mutually beneficial arrangement that will enable us to help businesses not only all over the United Kingdom but on a global scale. The power provided by Things To Do In Limited websites is overwhelming and a great way for any business to ensure that they will appear on the map. Some businesses have found it so useful that they have abandoned their own websites to run things purely from the directory. Which is something I have NEVER seen before. The Things To Do In directories are incredibly powerful SEO wise, and are a force to be reckoned with in the world of digital marketing.

Thanks to a conversation with DeVan Curry of Ancur INC, we have noticed that there are some issues with the way we are working to connect people and are addressing them currently. DeVan has been extremely helpful in informing my business in the past and helping me maximise my efficiency save money and run an effective business.